Co to jest? (what is it)

Dzień dobry! Good morning/afternoon! This is pretty much the extent of my Polish at the current point in time. Poland is so beautiful, I am loving pretty much every aspect that I have experienced so far. Yes, I am even enjoying the cold. The atmosphere becomes almost romantic the minute it starts to snow. And waking up to see the sun streaming in (although very rare so far) through snow covered trees is an incredible sight. The winter fashion is also a plus. Rather than write up a long post about everything I have done so far, I thought I would just write out some key points about what I have learnt, loved, found strange, and so on.

  1. Stating the obvious… IT IS SO BLOODY COLD. I love and hate this fact. I love it because there is snow and I get to wear awesome clothes. But I hate it because it is so cold. It also gets frustrating having to constantly dress and undress every time I go outside or inside. I have already lost my beanie because of this.
  2. Everything is so cheap. We worked out that 10PNL is roughly $3AUD. Putting it in perspective I bought a winter coat for 120 PNL which equals about $40… I would have paid $100 easily for it easily in Australia. #feelingrich
  3. Polish people really do love to drink. It’s true. VODKA VODKA VODKA. I haven’t had as much cabbage though. They also have good ciders and beer (yes mum I have started drinking some beer…).
  4. Polish people are scary drivers. I have never been so scared in my life. It is normal to go 30kms over the limit… Enough said
  5. There is free WiFi everywhere which is amazing. Like seriously, Australia needs to catch up.
  6. THE GUYS ARE FREAKING GORGEOUS. Ignore every person who ever tells you that Polish guys are unattractive. They have this awesome Slavic look going and its just gorgeous. The rumours that Polish women are gorgeous are true.
  7. The Pole’s have really good food. The chocolate croissants are to die for, as is the chocolate. Perogi is also super delicious

 So basically I am really enjoying it so far. Yes there have been some moments of homesickness, and ‘why the hell am I here’. But its still pretty cool. (no pun intended)


7 thoughts on “Co to jest? (what is it)

  1. Sammy says:

    Haha, Sorry to disappoint but I don't actually know, maybe they don't have a word for it… And Hugh the username indicates that your obsession with China is a bit extreme 🙂 But Poland is a fascinating place, will be exploring a few more cities over the next couple of weeks which will be lovely. Hope life back home is at least somewhat interesting for you as well!


  2. 贝尔辉 says:

    I am sure the Polish have a word for such an important concept, you're clearly not looking hard enough…My interest in China is not an issue here, and it's totally reasonable and under control, unlike your hidden One Direction obsession that you diligently hide from me. You can't fool me twelvie.

    Poland sounds like an exciting place, do any places or events in particular stand out? Or anywhere you're looking forward to going? What's the most Polish thing you've seen? Has your hotel been invaded by Germans? Let's hear it all.


  3. Sammy says:

    i asked my host sister and she said they are too sophisticated to have such a word 😉 and One Direction? where did that come from? It is a very exciting place. I loved Wroclaw, went this past weekend and am yet to post about it. It was such a beautiful city with an amazing culture. But i also love Warsaw, Krakow is a must also. I'm just to explore everywhere! Most Polish thing I have seen… no clue, I have eaten loads of tasty Polish food if that counts! I'm absolutely loving it. Bet work isn't that same without me 😛


  4. 贝尔辉 says:

    Too sophisticated huh? Don't worry, I'm sure once Poland gets to know your underage ways they'll invent a word soon enough. You love One Direction Sam, don't bother denying it. I know how you try to look all cool and mature around me, but you're not fooling me.

    I saw the Wroclaw post, it looks like a fascinating place. How does it feel being surrounded by all that fascinating architecture and colour after Canberra's public service standard architecture? Do you feel at home yet?

    Of course work isn't the same without you Simba. Actually, it's exactly the same parade of petty jobs and annoying customers it was when you left, but it's less entertaining without a tall blonde twelvie to annoy between jobs. But that's alright, you're just off living the high life in Poland, no need to feel guilty. Are you still in Wroclaw?


  5. Sammy says:

    If I was underaged that comment would hurt, fortunately I am a responsible adult now! And stop trying to push your obsessions onto me, I'm sure you would fit in quite nicely with the other one direction fans!

    The architecture is amazing, so different to Canberra. I have to constantly pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! Canberra is going to seem so plain and modern when I get home. I do feel at home, Warsaw is certainly my favourite place!

    I'm glad you are suffering without me there to annoy, though as I recall you were the one who was annoyed most of the time by me… Hope Autumn is treating you well and you are all excited for easter!


  6. 贝尔辉 says:

    Whatever Sam. Apparently Zayn quit One Direction, are you heartbroken? I heard a rumour some blonde Australian behind all this. I knew you'd be getting up to mischief in Poland Sam, and you acting so innocent all the time…

    What about Warsaw is so exciting? Is there anything in particular that stands out as completely different to the lifestyle back home? Let's hear the inside scoop here. Especially all the mischief you're not going to write in the rest of the blog…

    You didn't annoy me that much Sam, aside from your snitching of course. I hope all your friends in Poland are giving you a hard time and keeping you on your toes, I wouldn't want life to get too boring for you.

    Autumn has been pretty nice, and Easter has been even better so far, and not just because it's party season. Although that is definitely a significant part of it. Possibly. Easter in Europe must be pretty crazy, so hope you're having a good one!


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